Pelvic Bandage-Maternity Belt
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CARE series. Necessary CARE in safety-related time Medical bandages help to avoid complications during pregnancy, and before and after surgeries.

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Features and Technologies

  • anatomic cut for supporting the abdomin and compensating shifting center of gravity
  • adjusts  the level of lumbar spine support by fixing belt during all term of pregnancy
  • fine air-permeable hypoallergic  comfort materials unnoticeable under common clothes

Reduces the load on the spine


  • reduced back pain
  • helps to normalize the positions of the fetus and decrease pressure on the pelvic organs
  • supports the abdomen in the second and third trimester
  • reduced risk of complications, including hypertonia of the uterus
  • prevents excessive stretching of muscles and skin of the abdomen (appearance of “stretch marks”)
  • helps to rehabilitate after the birth

Medical effect

  • supports and reduces the load on lumbar  area
  • fixes viscera of small pelvis in normal physiological position
  • improves muscular tone and helps to improve blood circulation in skin and to keep its elasticity


Can be used for most situations

Warnings: In case of skin diseases or allergies to the components of the materials, professional medical

advice is necessary before application. Medical supervision is recommended during the whole period of wearing of bandage.


The size of the bandage W-431 should be selected according to the circumference of the body under the abdomen.

Fitting and Application 

The abdomen should be positioned over the anatomic cut-out. Regulate the level of compression with the straps throughout the entire time of pregnancy.

Recommended usage

For preventive treatment, throughout the day, unless otherwise specified by the physician.


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SKU: W-431