Abdominal Bandage
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CARE series. Necessary CARE in safety-related time Medical bandages help to avoid complications during pregnancy, and before and after surgeries.
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Features and Technologies

  • material, elastic in longitudinal direction and rigidity in the cross direction, provides supporting effect and protects abdominal from overstrain, improves muscular tone
  • flexible stiffening rib prevent misplacement of bandage during movements
  • Fine air-permeable hypoallergic material makes it possible to wear bandage under common clothes
  • Special anatomic cut of bandage provides necessary fitting and improves of outline

Improves tonus, prevents complications


  • recovery after abdominal  and pelvic surgeries
  • hernia prevention
  • prevention of strangulation of hernia visceroptosis
  • rehabilitation after plastic abdominal  surgery

Medical effect

  • improves muscular tone of the abdominal
  • provides supporting effect
  • helps  to mobilize (activate) the patient after operations
  • protects abdominal from over strain


  • Pregnancy;
  • Diaphragmatic hernia;
  • Irreducible hernias of abdominal wall;
  • Portal hypertension.


In case of skin diseases or allergies to the components of the materials, medical advice is necessary before application. Medical supervision is recommended during the whole period of wearing of bandage.


The size of the bandage W-421 should be selected according to the circumference of the waist.


Fitting and Application 

Place bandage horizontally around the waist and regulate the compression level by using the Velcro.

Recommended usage

Throughout the day for preventive treatment, unless otherwise specified by physician.


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SKU: W-421