Arm Bandage-Arm Sling
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MED series. MED – innovative way of pain relief. Stabilizes and normalizes muscle tone, keeps functions of moving. Recommended for trauma treatment and prevent of disease recurrence.
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Features and Technologies

  • Bandage limits movements of arm joints, provides rest necessary for recovery
  • A fixing belts system holds the arm in a position that unloads the shoulder and elbow joints. The thumb loop unloads the radiocarpal joint
  • Due to the breathable and comfortable hypoallergenic material, the bandage can be used during the necessary period of treatment

Supports the arm


  • Arm bruises, incomplete dislocations, dislocations and fractures
  • Unloads the arm joints in case of injured shoulder, acromioclavicular, and elbow joint ligaments
  • Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper limb joints (arthritis, shoulder arthrosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis)
  • Neurologic pathologies (paresis and paralyzes of upper limb)


Can be used for most situations

Consult your physician in case of hypersensitivity reaction to the bandage components


The size of the bandage W-211 is selected based on the arm length from the elbow to the balls of fingers

Fitting and Application

Put the belt on the shoulder opposite to the injured arm. Place your hand into the coupling. Put the thumb into the loop inside the coupling. Ensure the optimum position of your arm by regulating the length of the shoulder belt. Fix the shoulder belt by means of Velcro fasteners. Fix the arm position by means of an additional waist belt, by passing the belt through the ring and fix it by means of fasteners.

Recommended usage

During the day, unless otherwise is prescribed by physician.


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SKU: W-211