Ortho Belt-Lumbar Belt
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MED series. MED – innovative way of pain relief. Stabilizes and normalizes muscle tone, keeps functions of moving. Recommended for trauma treatment and prevent of disease recurrence.

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Features and Technologies

  • flexible stiffening ribs relieve strains of muscles and normalizes tone, reduce back pains.
  • system of fixing belts limits abrupt movements in spine and prevents pain.
  • fine air-permeable hypoallergic  comfort material-mesh enables to wear corset under common clothes.

Muscle strain reducing


  • pain reduce  in lumbar area of spine in lumbodynia, myositis, muscular tone disorders
  • recommended for prevention of trauma and exacerbation of diseases in case of loads
  • lessens the load on the spine after traumas and operations, slows down progression of degenerative diseases
  • used in prolapsus of internal organs.

Medical effect

  • removes imbalance of paravertebral and lumbar muscles
  • stabilizes and lessens the load on the lumbar spine


  • Diaphragmatic hernia
  • Syndrome portal hypertension

In case of skin diseases or allergies to the components of the materials, medical advice is necessary before application. Medical supervision is recommended during the whole period of wearing of belt.


The size of the lumbar belt W-141 should be selected according to the circumference of waist

Fitting and Application

Lumbar belt is placed on back. Fasten by «Velcro». Level of pressure on lumbar area is adjusted by fixation of belts.

Recommended usage

For preventing lumbar pain, unless otherwise specified by physician.


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SKU: W-141