Neck Bandage
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MED series. MED – innovative way of pain relief. Stabilizes and normalizes muscle tone, keeps functions of moving. Recommended for trauma treatment and prevent of disease recurrence.

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Features and Technologies

  • A cavity for the chin and a throat facilitates optimum fit
  • The soft material contained in the bandage reduces tension in cervical muscles , and relieves pain syndrome associated with osteochondrosis
  • Due to its specialized form, the bandage supports the head in the occipital region, facilitates an efficient unloading and stabilization of the cervical spine, and reduces headache and dizziness
  • Made from the fine hypoallergic air-permeable material.

Reduces headaches


  • Symptoms of disturbed blood circulation in vertebral arteries (headache, dizziness)
  • Pain syndrome associated with osteochondrosis of cervical spine
  • Cervical miozitis, tension in cervical muscles and shoulder girdle
  • Rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries involving the cervical spines

Medical effect

  • Reduces headaches and dizziness
  • Relieves pain syndrome in people with osteochondrosis


Consult your physician before using the product, in case of skin diseases or an allergy to the bandage components.

Don’t fix the bandage too tightly, it may result in too much compression and disturb the functions of respective blood vessels and nerves.


The size of the bandage W-121 is selected based on the neck length or stature of an individual.

Fitting and Application

The bandage is put on the neck, in such a way as to place the chin in a special cavity.

The product is fixed by means of Velcro fastener.

Recommended usage

Is recommended by physician. Preventive wearing for people with neck pain.


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SKU: W-121